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    Default First timer bathroom remodel

    Currently the layout of my bathroom makes little to no sense. I need to replace the tub with a tub/shower but where the plumbing currently lies I would have a window right in the middle of my shower, This does not work. I've found that I have plently of room for the accomodations that I want but it would require moving EVERYTHING. The drain for the tub would need to move about 5', as would the toilet and sink drain. Likewise, hot water would have to be split to two different places on opposite sides of the room. I'm hoping that because all of the plumbing is very easily accessible from the crawlspace that the plumbing aspect should be fairly simple with someone knowledgeable to help me. Is this correct, or am I in for a rude awakening? Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    Having access to the plumbing makes it very feasible. But it will require relocating the vents. If you a single story house that two would make it very easy. As far as the water lines they can be relocated much easier then your waste and vent piping.


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    If you know code and the grade you need for the piping and redirecting and the clearances you need from the toilet in your local and federal code it should go rather easy you should pull a permit so a inspector can make sure you did everything correctly and to code and in case the home is flooded later down the road the insurance can't say it was due to improperly installed plumbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabby4985 View Post
    .... with someone knowledgeable to help me....
    If you have that onsite you're probably not going to have any tough issues, but only by seeing the entire waste-pipe system in that area can that be a certainty. Anything is possible with enough time and cash, but this sounds relatively easy- and smart!


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