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    Angry Bad Weeds in Charleston SC

    Living in Charleston SC, our lawn is centipede grass and we have bad weed problem.
    When is the best time of year to weed and feed the lawn?
    Does there need to be an average temperature to have the weed and feed provide the best results?
    I have no idea what type of weeds they are, but they grow well and start growing before the grass does and it takes over the lawn. By the end of the season the lawn looks nice, but then the weeds start to grow nice and green in January.
    Thanks for any help you can provide, short of soding the lawn.

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    Default Re: Bad Weeds in Charleston SC

    Try this from one of those Jerry Baker specials on PBS. Use RoundUp or equivalent mixed with a tablespoon of Murphy's Oil soap/gallon in a yard sprayer. Set the sprayer to stream and give each weed a short squirt starting when they first start to emerge. Do not overspray the whole yard, just shoot each weed.

    Its slower than overspraying the whole yard but much faster than digging. It also does less damage to the lawn.

    If you use a pre-emergent weed and feed, it has to be applied just before the weeds typically emerge. Once they emerge, it won't work.

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    Default Re: Bad Weeds in Charleston SC

    Now would be a good time to apply, the air is still cold my the ground is still holding heat, the weeds will store the pesticide until the start to grow, then they will use the pesticide and die.
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