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    It is illegal to torch weeds? Never heard of such nonsense! Torching is not something I'd recommend in the dead of summer when things are easily set ablaze, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with that sort of thing just yet. What I do when flare ups are possible is to stretch out a garden hose to the area being torched and give it a light sprinkling after torching. You do understand that you are not actually trying to "burn" anything with a torch. Flaming them into oblivion does nothing but spark new growth from the untouched roots. You are only trying to scorch the weeds beyond their ability to repair themselves, hence causing them to bleed to death.

    We're still getting frost some nights, so it's a bit early yet, though it is much warmer and dryer than usual, even for drought years.

    As to your weed problem, I'd recommend smothering them with organic material. Straw is common, but around these parts it is usually rice straw which is laden with chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Grass clippings will work well if you've got them, otherwise use grass or alfalfa hay which doesn't tend to have the pollutants in it. Smothering will kill most of them and make the few die-hards easier to yank out.
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