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    Default Dark or light kitchen cabinets?

    We are getting ready to sell our house and doing a kitchen upgrade. My husband and I can't agree on how to paint our kitchen cabinets. He wants a dark stain wood and I want to paint them an off white(honeysuckle white). We do not have a single window in the kitchen and have little to none natural sunlight in our kitchen/living area. Our living room is really dark and I strongly feel that we need to brighten up our kitchen with light colors. Help!

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    Default Re: Dark or light kitchen cabinets?

    Brighter is always better.
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    Default Re: Dark or light kitchen cabinets?

    That's right, Spruce has the right idea. When selling a home, you want to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible, therefore, go with bright colors. For walls too. In other words, don't paint it in your favorite colors, but in generally accepted colors.

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