Hopefully, someone can help me because I'm not at all sure I am using this site properly. I am a 72 year old woman who was forced to sell her family's property to keep her mother in a nursing home 18 years. Since it was purchased in 1865, this was painful. Determined to not let it all go, I carted 19 loads of stone from stone rows created by our 4 generations and used them to build dry stone walls around my flowerbeds. I have been plagued with ground seeping through the rocks. Also in the front of our home, the front steps have no sides. They are on an incline. I have the rocks "wrapped" into that area on both sides of the steps. However, I keep losing soil along the sides of the steps. I planted creeping Jenny there which helps hide the erosion but does not stop it. Do you have any ideas how I can stop the erosion without going into too much expense or effort? Understand, I am willing to work but cannot lift heavy things like big rocks!
Also, I have photos on the computer but do not have a clue how to send them to TOH. Thank you!!! Anne