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    Default How would you remove this vanity

    Looking for suggestions on how to remove a vanity from my bathroom since the drain pipe comes out through the wall and the water lines up through the floor and through the bottom of the vanity. I thought about making the holes on the vanity floor wider with a jigsaw to reach the clearance needed to get over the shut offs. What to you guys think!

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    Default Re: How would you remove this vanity

    you can cut apart the vanity with a recip or a jigsaw.or shut the water off to the house and cut hte pipes then lift the vanity out of place.. get the shut offs put back on where you cut the pipes
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: How would you remove this vanity

    If you're trying to salvage the cabinet, enlarge the holes just enough to remove it over the obstacles. If you don't care about the cabinet, then dismantle it without disturbing the pipes and cut the debris free.

    When you install the new cabinet, you'll either have to cut holes large enough or reroute the plumbing to the back wall and cut a single access point in the cabinet if necessary.
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