I want to install a sub-panel in a new detached garage. I have been told several different ways of how to do this and what materials to use. I am hoping that someone with some electrical experience can shed some light on the subject.

First, the garage is approximately 120' away from my main panel. I already have a ditch dug and plan on installing conduit to hold whatever wire I purchase. The garage is going to primarily be used as a wood shop. I have a small planer, table saw, router, etc. The most equipment that would ever be run at the same time would be lighting, a planer, and a small dust collector. I would like to have 220v in the garage in the event that I ever buy a large piece of equipment that would require 220v.

I have been told to put a 60 amp breaker in my main box as my power source. Use #6-3 copper wire to run to the sub panel.

In researching the subject ******, it seems NEC may requires at least a four wire run with a separate grounding rod at the sub-panel. Any advice would be appreciated. I would like to do it right the first time. Thanks