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    Default Cracked and Stained Ceiling Tiles

    I know in general, it's bad form to paint over cracked paint but is there a good way of doing it?

    I'm trying to decide on best options for my kitchen ceiling tiles which I suspect were painted with a poor quality flat paint. Because of high humidity, each tile is now riddled with thick hairline cracks. No hanging chips yet. There's also water damage (now fixed) from the apartment above mine so I have stains spreading across 3 tiles in two areas. The tiles are compressed paper/board but I'm not 100% sure of the material.

    Minus the stains, I hate to say, the cracks are pretty but too obvious. So to keep the texture, I'm thinking about applying a sealant and then a good quality flat ceiling paint? OR do you think it's a lost cause and I should 'sc****' the ceiling and use a primer/paint combo? OR can I avoid scraping and just use a primer/paint combo?
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