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    Default basement painting

    We have poured concrete basement walls. Basement is otherwise dry. Wife wants a lightened area for studio. I am concerned about creating a vapor barrier if walls are painted. I do not want added expense of finishing walls (i.e. drywall). Can I paint? Is vapor barrier a potential problem? What kind of paint to avoid vapor barrier?

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    Default Re: basement painting

    Now I'm hardly an expert, but we did this in our old house. Most of it was finished, but the laundry room was just poured concrete walls that sucked up all the light. Since we had no water issues, we skipped the more expensive DryLoc type paint and just used the $10 a gallon stuff from our local big box store. It stuck fine, didn't flake, and really brightened up the room.

    If you don't have any moisture issues and you aren't planning on insulating the walls, I wouldn't worry about installing a vapor barrier or worry that the paint might act as one.

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