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    Default Loose tile shower drain barrel

    The adjustable drain barrel in my tile shower has become slightly loose. Wobbles back and forth slightly. There is a slight gap around the drain and tile grout. The drain flange and pipe seem to be securely fastened and do not move at all. The shower is a custom mortar bed job. What is the best way to secure this loose portion of the drain and make it watertight so the water goes down the drain and not around the drain? Why did this part of the drain become loose to start with? The shower was installed about 3 years ago.

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    Default Re: Loose tile shower drain barrel

    Take a clear picture of what you are describing and post it.

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    Default Re: Loose tile shower drain barrel

    You can post a photo by emailing it to our member JLMCDANIEL, and he'll upload it here.

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    Default Re: Loose tile shower drain barrel

    I think what you're referring to is an adjustable height drain, which screws into the flange mount pipe. And yes, you don't want water getting in there. Unless the bed is decaying just unscrew the drain, mix some matching grout and pack it around the adjustable part, screw it back down to it's proper level, clean the excess which squeezes out, and grout seal when cured. If there's little space to work in, silicone caulking might also work. You could glue the PVC screw joint but I wouldn't in case a similar repair becomes needed later on.

    Since you're going to have to let things dry anyway this is a good time to reseal the grout if it can use that. That bit of maintenance will make your tile grout last a huge lot longer!


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