Greetings, first let me thank you all for taking the time to read my question. I want to add new insulation to my attic space. The home was built in 1936, and resides in NW Ohio. The attic itself is the entire footprint of the home, on an A style roofline. The attic itself has built in stairway and makes access easy. The original insulation is still up there, along with some fiberglass insulation added in the 1960's. These two layers are roughly 5 inches. Ventilation is two original gable vents, and later 2 roof vents added. The home does not have overhangs to use soffit vents. At first I was going to blow in insulation to joice level 6", then lay a blanket down. But that would be a loss of so much storage space, which is a premium in this home.
A. What would your recommendations be for getting the most insulation in the space but make it a usable area for storage (adding a floor)
B. During the summer months this space gets extremely hot. At times too hot to store anything up there, I feel ventilation needs improving? suggestions? Electric gable fan, more roof vents?