When I remodeled the bathroom in my 63 year old house, I got rid of the small gas water tank perched 4 ft off the floor, tucked in the corner behind a makeshift door. I replaced the old water tank with a new Bosch tankless water heater. The only available place for it was in a hall closet adjacent to the bathroom.

I'm having 3 problems with this:

1. hot water flow rate is low

2. Faucets must be turned all the way up to get hot water (not very much adjustment in temperature)

3. (The biggest problem) Ihaveto keep the cover off the unit. To get it to light, the easiest way is to open the closet door creating a woosh of air while the igniter is "clicking". The only other way is to use a lighter.

The tankless water heater has relief valves installed, and is vented through the roof. I believe the copper pipes are too small - supposed to be 1/2 inch but are the smaller size (handymen plumbers I hired to install the unit weren't licensed plumbers - big mistake).

I don't know what to do:

1. Replace the tankless water heater with a different type

2. Install a fan, creating air flow (worst choice, imo)

3. Knock out the back wall of the closet and install a tank water heater.

4. Is there a small or rectangular tank water heater that would fit in a shallow hall closet? I NEED IT!

5. Replace the door with shutters, and fix the existing tankless heater.

I am desperate to fix this. I want to rent my house but cannot rent it with hot water source problems. PLEASE! Someone give me some wisdom.