Hello, a few years ago I was remodeling my home. The painter turned contractor talked me into it. I learned my lesson. I am ready to repair what was done.

I purchased bead board paneling the glossy stuff at home depot. He put it up with a staple gun. Yes, he did. A few big ol nails here an there. I've been sick over it for 4 years and just refused not to deal with it.

Someone else tried to help and made a mess of the trim. I have finally found someone I can trust who has experience. So.....I have decided to put up a chair railing, create wainscott, leaving the paneling as is from the bottom 4 feet up the wall. Blemish wise it seems my best bet then from the chair railing to the ceiling trim paint or wall paper. I even wonder about getting wall paper you paint.

Is painting over the glossy paneling feasible or should I look to wallpaper and will it hang well on the paneling? In other words, how do I do this? I am so ready to make this right. Thank you!