I've decided(much my to my husbands dismay)to attempt to restore the painted wood plank ceiling in the home we just purchased. The ceiling is in the enclosed 3 season porch. After many failed attempts 5f5, heat gun, I opted to sand the paint off which gave a great result however it's the pesky line in the crevices that I just can't seem to get out. I have tried everything hand scraping, a dremel,sanding, paint stripping,dental tools ,steel wool,wire bristles. I am so close I just can't get this paint out. The crevices arn't wide but deep and I just can't seem to find the right tool to get in there. I have come this far and I just can't give up. I have been to the hardware store down the street so many times I have been given and honoary work shirt !!! Please help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.