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Thread: Vintage Doors

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    I have 3 vintage doors that enter my home. I'm trying to decide if I should keep the mortise lock set style or fill in the door and install a more modern lock set. My questions!
    1)Where can I find these old lock sets for a reasonable cost?
    2)How do you fill in the door to install a more modern lock set?

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    You can find new mortise lock sets: http://www.vandykes.com/search.aspx?...mortise%20lock I'm not sure what you mean by reasonably priced.

    To put a modern style lock set in, you will need to fill the mortise with a block of wood. And any of the holes on the face of the door that may remain visible after the new one is installed. Don't forget filling the jamb in as well.

    What is wrong with the current set of locks that makes you want to replace them?

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    I was doing a bunch of older houses not so long ago, and for things like this I just scoured the roadside pick-up piles where others had removed old doors and such. Sometimes I had to take the whole door and dispose of the rest later but it gained me repair parts I couldn't easily source elsewhere at a good price if at all. Drive around the older neighborhoods that are being rehabbed and you'll see lots of old stuff, much still usable, free for the taking. Also search or post in your local Freecycle and Craigslist- you'll be surprised what turns up!


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