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    Default Painting Paneling

    how to paint paneling like a light grey or turquoise so that grain shows through,
    like so it's not just slid color,
    is that done with a glazing w/
    blue color pigment added?


    i tried to send photo
    but it wouldn't work!

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    Default Re: Painting Paneling


    It certainly is possible to go over the existing paneling with a colored glaze to alter its color without totally blanking out the grain.

    The easiest way to do this is to use an oil based glazing liquid and add oil paint to it at a ratio of about 4 parts glaze to one part paint. I prefer an oil based product to acrylic because you have much longer work time with oil.

    The glaze can be applied with a short nap roller and then brushed out with long, continuous strokes.Additional graining can be added by use of graining combs, course bristle brushes or dragging course steel wool through the glaze.

    Of course, you can also totally paint out the paneling with a base color coat and then utilized the above technique of glazing. This will, however, totally blank out the original wood grain and coloring. When using this technique, the color added to the glaze is normally several shades darker of the base coat.

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