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The chalk paint you are hearing about is Annie Sloan Chalk paint. She is an author/artist/painter who developed this in England 21 years ago. It is new to the USA as of 18 months ago and it is selling like crazy! It is waterbased, goes on like butter, and is smooth when dry. You protect it with a soft wax finish which penetrates the paint and seals it. It is being used on old furniture, new furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, metal, laminate, etc. It sticks with no priming, no sanding and no stripping, over oil based paint, varnish, lacquer, etc. It is environmentally safe, low VOC and quite simply, it is changing how people think about paint!
Thanks for the info.
I have ordered some samples kits
Will try it with some new plaster finish and let you know how it works.
Sounds like some of the old work paints.