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    Default how to choose attic insulation?

    We have a 60 plus year old house (1200 sq ft), beachside, in Daytona Beach. It is constructed of concrete block with a terra cotta tiled roof. Whatever insulation was last installed in the attic has long since disintegrated and is now powder. The attic gets incredibly hot in the summer and, since the A/C ducting is located there, we are experiencing water stains on the ceiling due to the condensation that forms on them. We're looking to update the insulation but are having trouble locating an impartial site or source to help us wade through all of the various options; traditional batting with a high R rating, reflective foam, spray foam, reflective barrier - the options seem endless and get progressively more expensive. Everyone we've talked to is pushing their particular option (obviously!) and I'm not confident that they're doing anything but "selling". Any suggestions of impartial sources for information?

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    Default Re: how to choose attic insulation?

    for an attic, either blown in cellulose or blown in fibreglass

    where the old stuff turned to powder you may want to get it tested as to if its asbestos based on teh age of your home
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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