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    Default Polycrylic over laminate floors?

    We are planning a wholesale kitchen remodel in 3-5 years, complete with a layout change. However, our disgusting sticky tile floors (compliments of the previous owners) could not wait that long. We were lucky to find free used laminate flooring that we installed to replace them. This is only short term flooring, but the surface is dull and scratched in several places. I know we can't "refinish" laminate, but is there any reason I can't steel wool these floors and give them a refresher with a couple coats of polycrylic or polyurethane? Does anybody have any experience with this?

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    Default Re: Polycrylic over laminate floors?

    lsteffen- My wife will enthusiastically confirm that I'm no cleaning expert, but I have some experience making older laminate last a little longer starting with a good cleaning. Before you pop open the poly, I'd recommend trying to clean your used floors with some hot water with a few drops of dish soap added to your bucket and be certain to use a micro-fiber mop.

    Now, you've probably already thought of this, but if you decide to break out the steel wool and polycrylic or polyurethane, I'd consider the areas under the stove or the fridge as 'tests' sections. You can rough up a square foot there and see how it turns out before you do the whole kitchen. If you aren't satisfied, the appliance will hide your test spot until you redo the whole kitchen in a few years.

    Good luck.

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