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    Default Improving the insulation in an attic room

    I have a raised dormer divided into 2 rooms. The larger of the 2 I'm trying to insulate better. It should be noted it has no heat as in forced air. There were some baseboard heaters but I removed them after a bad ice dam. I'd like to avoid electrical heating because of cost.

    The room is about 25'x15'. Ceiling going from 6' to about 9'. There are a few nooks and crannies.

    The back part of the attic is quite cold even during this relatively mild winter. As far as insulation it has some in the back walls, wall on front of house(both in 2x4 construction)Very large sky light which I know is a problem too. Temporarily I stuffed it up with r-30 and taped it off but it didn't seem to help any.

    I'm by no means an expert on insulation. However I don't think the lack of generated heat is the only problem.

    What i'm trying to determine is if I could do a better job at making the room warmer? I have to think the back wall with the rest of the attic and all it's cold is the big problem. Would it help any if I added more stud framing and doubled up on the insulation. I'm talking about going so far as 2x6 framing with r-30.

    There is also an entrance to the attic through a back closet. I filled the cavity up with r-30 but it didn't really help.

    I'm in SE Massachusetts. Records aside our lows can be around 0 degrees or a few below. The room can be extremely unbearable when it drops below freezing outside. In the summer it's just the opposite. The room can feel like an oven in the high 90's.

    Is it even worth the fight? Or are attics impossible without a lot of heating? I'm just trying to get the room comfortable or manageable. I may isolate the room more from the other and the stair well but I really wish to keep the size. primary use will be as a recording studio. Guitarist don't like cold hands.
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