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    Default remove backsplash? or cover? Help!

    My husband and I just bought out first home and although it has great bones the colors in the kitchen are not to our all. The countertops are hunter green and the blacksplash i yellow, orange, and tan... I think.

    I would love to remove and replace both the countertops and backsplash but I've heard taking off the backsplash can be very difficult and can peel off the drywall...
    Is this true and does anyone know the best way to do this?

    I've also always had dark cabinets, so I am at a loss on what color scheme to go with, with the light cabinets AND light floors.

    Any kitchen reno/decoration advice welcome!

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    Default Re: remove backsplash? or cover? Help!


    The back splash of laminate counter tops are difficult to remove as they are normally screwed up from the bottom of the counter top. The backsplash is not normally attached to the drywall at all. The drywall is less of a problem because you can merely score through the drywall paper along the top edge with a Stanley knife. Any tearing of the paper will then stop at the cut line.

    You might find the back splash less objectionable if you paint it to match or more compliment the counter color. I would spray the back splash with clear shellac as a bonding agent and then spray it the color of your choice with a spray can.

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