Your TOP priority is exterior proper water drainage and interior moisture prevention. I'm assuming your house was constructed to spec for those issues so you can ask the local paint dealer for a recommendation for waterproofing paint. There are two reasons to paint: 1.function and 2. aesthetics. If there's exposed exterior concrete above grade(ground level) you can use a quality exterior paint and apply according to the can instructions, ie., outdoor temps, etc. Concrete soaks up paint like a sponge so use a waterproofer or sealer/primer and lightly spray water on it first so the paint will adhere better. Same for interior concrete. Interior: any exposed concrete on the outside wall that's below grade must 1st be painted with a moisture barrier/mold retardant prior to other paint. Then paint any latex or oil-based top coat you like (for aesthetics). If the interior walls of concrete is covered with sheetrock, you must rely on the builder, presume it's received a proper coat of moisture protection. Good luck!