Good advise, thanks.

No one wants to do a heat loss calculation. I think because its too time consuming? I had one estimator insist that I did not have a 5 section boiler, and that it was a 3 section. The next guy said it is easy to find out, and removed the top panel, from the boiler, and we counted 5 sections. Now the other guy is going to calculate a system on the BTUs from a 3 section boiler.

I think I am going to have to do the heat loss calculation myself, if I can understand how to do it. Thanks to the internet, and its search engines, I will see what info I need and give it a try.

I know you say an indirect is best option for domestic hot water, would that still be the case if I told you, there is only one bath in the house, and not much of a demand on the dishwasher, or washing machine?

Thanks again