I saw a similar post to what mine will be, but thought I'd create one that may be more specific to my needs, which are several

I bought my house about 6 months ago and have discovered that the tiling around the tub is practically falling off the wall. Under part of it, around the lip of the tub, the wall has disintegrated between water leaking in between the tiling and just general moisture standard when using a bathroom.

I definitely need to rip the tiling and wall out. My intent is to install a new tub and bath surround, so I'll start with that plan.

When replacing the walls, my plan is to rip out all three walls (alcove tub) and replace them with concrete backer board before installing the surround. I will be replacing the tub as well.

The big question I have is whether the backer board is needed. From what I've read, there's no taping done when it comes to putting up backer board. I have seen direct-to-stud surrounds, but have my reservations about that idea. The other worry I have is that there may be mold/damage to the studs as well.

The next major piece with the bathroom is getting a vent installed. Right now, there is no vent in the bathroom and I don't have an inkling as to how to remedy that. One wall is to an exterior wall.

In summary, main primary questions on the project are:
1. Backer board or direct to stud for the surround itself?
2. How concerned should I be about possible damage to the studs?
3. When replacing the tub, what might I need beyond the tub itself?
4. What are the considerations for installing an exhaust vent where there currently is not one?

I'm also considering more gutting and having the floor re-done and vanity replaced all at the same time, but for cost reasons, not to mention the urgency of the need for the repairs around the tub, may not be able to get it all done at once.

Any input, feedback, suggestions or help are very welcome. Thanks!