This one's driving me crazy. My house was custom built in 1987 and finished in early 1988. For several years the floor near my large china cabinet was a bit bouncy. A cursory crawl space examination showed nothing remarkable. In the last six months the bouncy areas have spread through the north side of the house. Since I can no longer crawl under the crawl space, I paid a bribe to the termite company to have their guy video tape the entire flooring system. They found 2x10's on 12 inch centers. No rot, bugs or mold. The floor is 5/8 inch treated plywood, screwed and glued. The contractor did not like doing this but completed it as I stood over his crew and watched. The termite guy's inspection frustrated me by coming up clean so I had another inspection done by a local construction company and it too came up empty. I'm out of ideas. Anybody have any that I can try?
Appreciate it.