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    Default flooring problem

    Good morning,

    Perhaps you can refer me or direct me.

    I own a condo in Germantown, Tennessee (Memphis area). The condos were renovated apartments and then sold as the development took off. Obviously before the recession. Two bedroom, tile kitchen, wood floors, etc.. Very nice, I lived there a year myself without incident.

    I had to move , took a job in another place and have been fortunate to have a rent for the past year. I live in another state and I am using local repair people, recommended to me.

    However, we started to have a problem with the hard wood floor, it buckled and warped in one location indicating that there was a leak or moisture or dampness coming from somewhere, they cannot seem to find it. Obviously, new flooring that was put down, just warped again. They thought they have found the leak in the dishwasher (the area just next to the kitchen) and therefore fixed the flooring.

    The flooring just continues to warp and buckle. The repair people and we have had two look at it ; donít seem to be able to find the problem.

    We obviously can leave it the way that it is . Any thoughts or direction on how to approach this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: flooring problem

    You broke the first rule in renting: you can't live more than 30 minutes away from your investment rental property.

    Now you're at the mercy of some repair guy, whose interest is to make a living.

    There is a leak there and if these guys can't find it, hire someone else, perhaps with a little more knowledge and honesty. I know Germantown, TN - there are a lot of nice folks there. The leak could come from different sources, I can't tell you which one without seeing the apartment.

    Please report back.

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