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    I have a furnace for heating my home. On two occasions in same week it failed to switch on. I had to restart the furnace with
    reset button. The system should go on automatically when temperature dips below -10 degress. What could be the problem.

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    Could be a bad flame sensor, sticky solenoid on your gas valve to name a couple, if you have gas.
    Could be a bad primary control if you have oil.

    It could be so many things, a simple loose stat wire could cause it, call a Tech so nothing else gets screwed up and you don't blow your house and the neighborhood up (if you have gas)

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    I agree with sten, plus:

    I think that your gas valve (thermostat) is malfunctioning, assuming you have a gas furnace. When the thermostat calls for gas to get the burner going, the valve won't open.

    Get a plumbing and heating guy to fix it. Don't wait.

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    What kind of a furnace/boiler do you have??? Is it gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, etc.???

    If it's gas-fired then I agree that you should not attempt a repair & get a service tech to fix it.

    If it's oil-fired please post back with the burner make & model/ furnace/boiler mfgr./ & if the reset switch is on the flue stack or attached to the oil burner

    Is it a boiler??? A boiler heats up hot water & circulates it thru the house into radiators or baseboard.

    Is it a furnace???? A furnace heats up fan-driven air in the furnace that is circulated thru the house by ducts.
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