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    Default Older Door needs latch (?) repair

    I recently purchase a home built in 1937, the door is wood and it has a small iron door that one can open to see who is at the door. I do not know the proper name for this door within a door? The small opening is made of iron or steel with a latch and ornaments and bars on the other side. A small part of the latch to iron door has disappeared, not sure why. I think it's been the movers and contractors over the past 2 months. Does anyone know what this might be and who to contact for restoring this?

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    Default Re: Older Door needs latch (?) repair

    I haven't seen one of these for a long time...

    Do you know what exactly is missing?

    A fabricator may be able to create something that fits.

    Also try a locksmith shop, a door shop or...lock it tight and install a peephole instead?

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    Default Re: Older Door needs latch (?) repair

    Check out VanDyke's Restoration. They specialize in restoration hardware and may have what you need. Parts may not be available, but a suitable replacement may be. Also, local reclaimed material shops may have something.
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