We are very new home owners and have begun a project that seems to keep growing.

We have hired a contractor to install a custom closet in our master bedroom. There is an area that does not have any flooring right now (about 6' x 2'). My fiance would like to simply put down carpeting for this patch. I don't mind that idea, but it would be nice to have continuous hardwood. It seems that the floors in this room have not been done in years and were updated by the previous owner himself. So if we add wood floors we would have to redo the whole closet flooring.

How do you limit what to work on? I can easily see redoing the floors in the closet, bedroom, and adjoining hallway since they seem were all clearly done at the same time.

My fiance's other solution is to do only the closet floor for now...

I would appreciate any advice on wood floors or how to manage unexpected turns when working on projects.