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    Smile Re Plumbing my house

    I am getting bids to re-plumb my home.I live in the South East section of Texas.So very rarely do we receive extremely hard freezes.One contractor says he will re plumb the entire house uprights,laterals and exterior faucets.Out side walls and attic pipes will be insulated cvpc.He will cut through sheet rock,re place as needed,tape and float.3400 dollars Another says he will re plumb but not have to remove sheet rock and will do the uprights by drilling through the roof where necessary. Is drilling through the roof a good idea or bad.His bid is 3200 dollars.What is the advice from members?

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    Not sure what he means by piping through the roof. I'm in Florida with about the same climate you have. Here re-pipes are run through the attic space. The cold water line is insulated not to prevent freezing but to keep them cool in the summer. I would go with the $3400.00 bid. One thing I will mention is that we are starting to see CPVC pipe getting brittle. Especially on the hot water lines. I would prefer to use PEX pipe.


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    Good advice is going to require quite a few details.

    One story or two (or more)?

    Type of foundation; cellar, slab, crawl space?

    If multistory, are there bathrooms on the upper floors? If so, are they located directly above a bathroom, kitchen, laundry?

    Are there "wet walls"? That is a wall that has bathrooms on one side, kitchen/laundry on teh other and all plumbing is on this wall.

    Exterior; siding, brick, stone?

    Current plumbing; copper, galvanized, pvc/cpvc, pex?

    New plumbing copper; copper, galvanized, pvc/cpvc, pex?

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    Drilling through the roof is not a good idea.

    Also using cpvc is not a good idea.

    Get two more estimates.

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