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    Default converting short bookshelves to wall shelves

    I've out grown my current organization in my crafting space so I asked for some shelving units to fill one wall. I would have preferred to custom build some bookcases but they weren't in the budget for my birthday this year. For now I want to join 5 stand alone book cases and suspend them from the upper wall 24" above a bank of the same placed on a toe kick frame and trimmed out.

    any suggestions on how to hang to bank of upper shelves. z-bar type hangers are available. I don't have the means to create a french cleat although that would be my preferred method. Any other suggestions?
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    Default Re: converting short bookshelves to wall shelves

    Freestanding bookcase units designed to stand on the floor will not have the necessary details of construction which would give the required integrity to allow wall-hanging. The amount of work needed to bring them up to strength may not pass the cost/benefit test.
    Maybe the easiest solution would be to build a platform mounted to the wall with heavy brackets to sit the units on.
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