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    Exclamation Cedar shingles cause huge fight!

    After the demolition of an upstairs 5X8 bathroom it was reveled that the outside wall of the house was so rotted due to a leaky window that you could put your finger through to the outside and push the weathered 40 year old cedar shingles off. Therefore we replaced this section with a new window, new supports, new everything including new shingle outside.

    The contractor did a beautiful job replacing the wall shingles and they were natural colored. The rest of the the wall shingles on the back are very weathered and not in great shape but are good enough. I told the contractor I wanted to keep them natural and NOT to stain them grey. I wanted to let them weather naturally.

    Unknown to me the contractor cornered my husband the other day and suggested that he stain them because it would take 20 years for them to weather and begin to match.

    I woke up yesterday and went outside to see that the contractor was finished staining them and he did not even tell me. I feel thrown under the bus and my husband and I had a huge fight last night about this. Now the back of the house has a 6 X 6 section of stained grey wall shingles against the rest of the house that is weathered dark shingles. I think it looks awful. Am I making too much out of this? What would you do in this situation? How could he do this to our home and think it looks good?

    This contractor is a friend of my husband's family and he is always doing opposite of what I want him to do on the outside. He always patches things and never replaces full pieces of wood on windows, exterior panels. He cuts off rot and sticks a small piece in covered with caulking. Should I just ignore how the outside looks and take a chill pill.
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