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    Default Leak between slab and wall

    Hopefully I can describe my problem correctly. I am in a shotgun style house in Louisiana. We closed in the patio area of house between the garage and the house,the floor is brick pavers. When it rains we have water leaking in the room between the pavers and the wall. I am looking for the best way to seal this area, right now I just have silcone as a temporary stopgap.

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    It sounds like you might be able to remove the pavers nearest to wall and digout enough to insert a black plastic pipe with a filter cloth over which would be covered back up so you wouldnt really know its there.This will direct the water out to lowest level outside.This is sold with sock over it and holes in the corrugated plastic at supply houses of all sorts fairly cheap.Also sidewalk expansion caulk is great for edge instead of silicone

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