Basement wall of my old home seaps in and drips a little bit of water sometimes when it rains.
It doesnot look scary at this time but i just want to be proactive since it is my boiler/hot water room.
Basement wall is made of bluestone and outside has a small porch with garden that is 10 by 7 feet in size.

Called 2 contractors:
One said to do something from outside.
the other said for inside solution - to scrub only the affected areas & put drylock paint on the entire inside wall.

I think even if we drylock from inside the water will still seap in from outside and will throw the drylock out eventually.
If your suggestion is outside what should i do there - putting a cement quote outside is best solution?

What do you suggest.

I also have a old square metal sink next to washing machine in my basement next to the above affected areas.
It is rusting at few places and is not being used.
Any ideas what i can do with it to make it look better since i am doing the above job anyways.
Repaint/throw it away/replace it?