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    Smile Tub spout has running water!

    How can I fix a tub spout that has some running water when the shower is on? It's not a lot but when you pull the knob to turn on the shower you can see that there is still a little be of water running from the spout.

    I current have a MOEN Banbury Single Handle Tub and Shower Faucet in Spot Resist Brushed Nickel (Model # 82910SRN) installed.


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    Default Re: Tub spout has running water!

    There is not likely anything you can do. Most tub/shower combo valves today rely on a gate within the tub spout to block the water from exiting the spout and forcing it up and out through the shower head. This pull up gate is not a tight seal, it is merely designed to create enough resistance that the water defies gravity.

    You can try changing the tub spout, but odds are it will do little good.
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    Default Re: Tub spout has running water!

    What I do is pull the stopper just after turning on the valve.
    Some water still exits the spout but I pull the stopper a second time and the seal gets better.

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    Default Re: Tub spout has running water!

    Ok you have two options actually 1 you can call Moen 1-800-buymoen and they will ship you out a new one that probably will have the same problem but at least its free of cost! Second you can install a delta tub spout pull down diverter they seam to not leak im a plumber and have been doing this for a long time all others do this one you pull down and it works amazingly!

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