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    Question safety of fiberglass insulation in ducts

    When we disconnected an air duct in the heat pump system we saw it was lined with fiberglas insulation. (Certainteed ultraduct.)
    There were pieces of fiberglass loose in the duct. Is it safe to breath the air?

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    Default Re: safety of fiberglass insulation in ducts

    No. There is a reason that insulation contractors wear face masks when working with fiberglass products. Having fiberglass itself or fiberglass dust inside of the ducting will be disturbed and distributed throughout the house into the air you are breathing. Keep in mind that these are particles that the body can neither absorb nor expel, making them particularly bad to be breathing.
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    Default Re: safety of fiberglass insulation in ducts

    How loose was it? I agree with sprucey that breathing fiberglass is not healthy but, I believe your talking of ductboard and even though it seems loose it's made that way. Duct board is just another way for the Contractor and homeowner to save money, it's fast to install and if done right works well. The downside is it starts to sag and come undone if not put together correctly. Google it and do some research, if you look on there website you can see that the fiberglass is covered.
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