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    Default INSOFAST and Barricade Wall panels electrical

    I was planning on using one of these products and was reading the installation procedures. Barricade says electrical channels to run your conduit. The Barricade is a Canadian product so I was thinking that was just their code requirement up in Canada. INSOFAST says you can run nm-b(Romex) type cable. Both panels channels satisfy the 1 1/4" depth required by U.S. code for protecting cables. Does anyone have any experience with these products? Since the cables will be on the back of the panels against the basement walls, is there a need for moisture proof cables like UF-B? I have no moisture problems, but I thought the panels might hold condensation on the cable.

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    Default Re: INSOFAST and Barricade Wall panels electrical

    not familar with them set ups, but i see no reason to use UF. ive never used that in a basement remodel before.

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