Recently my husband and I bought our first home. It is a small house that was built in 1915. There is paneling in the majority of the house except for the bathroom and spare bedroom which has the plaster walls which seem to be in relatively good shape. I really hate the paneling and want to remove it, plus there are a lot of holes in the paneling from nails and where it has been broken. I have removed some of the paneling to see what it looked like and it had old wallpaper on it and there are the firing (sp?) strips nailed all over the walls that the paneling was nailed to. I took off one firing strip as carefully as I could but the holes left are bigger than a regular nail hole because it kind of crumbled a little. I am afraid that after taking all the strips down that I might cause more damage than what it is worth and I am also wondering if paneling was put up to cover up larger holes? I don't want tear down the plaster because of cost sake, I was thinking just repair the walls as needed with new plaster. I am working with a budget, and so we are just doing a room at a time. I just want to get other peoples advice before I start ripping all the paneling down. Will this be a bigger headache than it is worth?