Hello all, We are emailing from Charleston, SC literally right on the marsh. Its in a flood plain but the view is amazing...at least until you start looking at the CMU Exterior wall on the two rear corners of the house. The inspectors report stated we should have the cracks that string along grout lines looked at. First contractor said to fix our problems with drainage and we would see our problems go away...so we installed gutters to reroute water away from the house, as well as graded the dirt to slope away from the house. Now, here in lies the problem...how do I know if the sinking has stopped or if that was my problem in the first place? Do I need to install heilical piers as others have suggested. Or leave it be? There will also be piers installed inside the crawlspace where they are badly needed. Is this a case where I should wait and see if the cracks expand more...or a case where I need to act now to remedy the situation. Thanks!