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    Default pendant light with 2 wall switches

    I am installing a pendant fixture for my niece, over her dining room table. The new fixture has a cord and a bare wire fed through the chain that hangs the fixture.I took down the old fixture. 3 wires present from outlet box in ceiling, black, white and bare. There are two wall switches that activate this light. I wired the new fixture black to stripped wire from cord, white to stripped wire from cord and bare to bare wire. It doesn't work. So I reattach the old fixture the same way. Now it doesn't work. HELP!! I have wired, re wired, and now am 5 hours into a simple project. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: pendant light with 2 wall switches

    How did you shut the power off while working on the circuit?

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    Default Re: pendant light with 2 wall switches

    Having worked on many weirdly wired houses, I make it a habit to study how things were connected before I break those connections and I make sure to install the new fixture in the exact same manner as the one I remove. If it worked before it will work when I'm done. I will not install a higher-draw fixture or appliance than I remove unless the wiring is up to code. It seems you may have broken a '3-way switch' circuit since you mention multiple switches. Reset the the breaker, check for current and study how 3-way switch circuits work- that along with what you see in the box ought to set you on the right path. And next time do as I do!


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    Default Re: pendant light with 2 wall switches

    Like Mastercarpentry said --- you broke the 3 way circuit somehow.

    If you were only working in the ceiling box --- are there other wires in that box that are spliced with wire nuts ?
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