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    Upstairs, in my 1902 house, the bathroom is in fine shape. Downstairs, this bathroom's toilet pipe goes through a wall right where I want to cut a door between the pantry and the kitchen. Is it possible to route the pipe about 18 inches without moving the toilet? (The ceilings in the kitchen and pantry are 8'6" inches high, in case having a few extra inches of height helps).

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    Without seeing your existing situation, let me tell you: seek the opinion of a couple of local plumbers.

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    Anything is possible, just have no spending limits

    This is going to be cast iron piping, so to leave any part of the stack above where you cut it will mean resupporting it and that may require opening walls etc. Maybe you can relocate your proposed door. Maybe you can use a non-load bearing header and snake the pipe through it- the extra ceiling height will help with that option. Only an on-site inspection can tell you this.

    You will need a plumber anyway and it will likely be extensive on that end of the work, so check with a few of them to see what your options are before making any further decisions.


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