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    Red face shower

    We live in a 4 apartment building. Whenever the apartment above us uses their shower/bathtub we get a loud "water shed" sound for the entire time that the water is running. Any suggestions to end this noise.

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    Is the sound coming from the walls or the ceiling? If the walls, then the builders probably used PVC drain pipe instead of cast iron. The PVC doesn't dampen the sound of the water going through it. If the sound is in the ceiling, right under the shower, then the shower pan is probably fiberglass or PVC. again, those don't dampen sound very well.

    In either case, it might be possible to tear out the walls/ceiling and add some insulation, cellulose or rockwool, to help dampen the noise. That would be expensive and not a complete solution. The alternative is noise canceling headphones.

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    Agreed with the above. You might also find that the piping touches the wall or ceiling surface which will amplify the noise- it isn't supposed to do that. You'll need to open the ceiling and maybe the wall to check the piping and to determine the best solution.


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