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    Default when to paint wood trim - help

    I watch many home improvement shows and they always seem to paint the natural woodwork. My home has natural woodwork that needs help, primarily the windows. People have told me "Don't paint it". I'm confused, When is it best to paint it or leave it natural?

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    Default Re: when to paint wood trim - help

    Whatever style you prefer, that's what is best. If your woodwork is in good shape, but just needs sealing, do that. If it's in rough shape, then paint it.
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    Default Re: when to paint wood trim - help

    The short answer is "Yes"- let me explain. This is your home so do as you wish. Just remember that once you paint, going back to stain can be a real bugger, and back to natural nearly impossible to do. Other than that whatever you want is what you should do.



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    Default Re: when to paint wood trim - help

    I knew I wanted to paint ours from the get-go. The trim is very dark. I knew it would look better if I could find some 6-panel doors to put up, but I also knew I would never match the 30+ year old stain.

    If you do paint them be sure to use an oil based primer before painting. I painted mine white, but painting the trim the same color or a shade darker than the walls is also in style.

    Take a look at how some of ours turned out:

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