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Thread: Sewer leak

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    Unhappy Sewer leak

    Does anybody think that a sewer pipe leakconfused: that is under the bathroom (crawl space under house) would cause the linoleum floor to lift and bubble. Would the moisture cause this. any help would be great.

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    Yes, typical leaks are from a failed wax ring under the toilet, allows water to seep under the vinyl and causes swelling of the underlayment within the vicinity of the toilet. Another typical problem area is at the corners of showers and bathtubs. Caulking fails within the shower and water finds it's way out and to the floor, where again, caulking has failed and allowed water under the vinyl, swelling the underlayment. These problems are usually connected with staining of the vinyl, indicating the presence of moisture. If the caulking is in good condition and the seal/toilet area is sound, then water could be coming from the shower/tub via splashing or overflow, water travels along the floor and gets behind the baseboard where it gets under the vinyl. Without seeing pictures or the bathroom first hand, it would be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the failing floor. These suggestions are the most common sources, however.

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