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    Default laminate floor

    have a question on floor to go around refidgerator , or put under

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    Not considering how water destroys laminate flooring i would not put it in any kitchen but that's just because i handles too many destroyed flooring insurance claims... put it under the refrig so you do not see the non finished floor and have no lip to have to drag the refrig over it to clean behind it or clean the refrigs coils.
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    timothy is right, you dont want laminate any where near a kitchen. your simply looking at replacing the floor in about 1/10 the expected life of most laminate floors..

    in my opinion laminate is junk, everyone is using it because its cheap, however its nothing more than a 10 year product. if it last 10 years you were lucky.. ive seen hardwood floors that are 70 years old and still look good, but seeing how your talking about a kitchen.. tile it it will hold up 100 x longer
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    If you're talking about engineered laminates- the thick stuff- some of them are made to handle typical kitchen moisture. If you're speaking of the thin stuff, as they said above you'll likely soon regret it.

    And yes, all flooring in a kitchen should run under the fridge (and the stove too if it is the freestanding type).


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