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    Default Best paint choices for an ugly ceiling

    What considerations pertain to matching or contrasting ceiling and wall paint? My house was built in 1949. I am about to paint a large living room with wall paint that is oatmeal-colored. The upper walls cove toward the ceiling with a border that sets off the ceiling from the walls. The ceiling plaster has a dated-looking sponge-like texture and is now painted white. Shadows and light cast upon it from the large window are not an attractive feature of the room. Is white paint the best way to de-emphasize the ceiling, or should I paint it the same color as the walls? Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Best paint choices for an ugly ceiling

    Howdy consider flat white it will make the ceiling look outstanding and not stand out. Any color if "flat" will do almost as good of job of toning down the ceiling.
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    Default Re: Best paint choices for an ugly ceiling


    Any paint labeled "Ceiling White" will be dead flat. This total lack of shine lessens the obviousness of the texture. Caution: many ceiling whites have been grayed way down and may not look good against your oatmeal color. Behr ceiling white is pure white.

    If the "oatmeal" color is very light, I would consider putting the same tone on the ceiling, but in a flat paint. If the color is too strong, cut it down by at least half by adding pure white paint.

    You might give the walls an eggshell or satin finish and cut it off at that ceiling molding, continuing onto the ceiling with the flat paint..

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    Default Re: Best paint choices for an ugly ceiling

    Gliddens High Hiding White Flat Ceiling Paint! We used it on all our ceilings when we bought our house

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