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    Default GFI's In Detached Garage

    Do all 110/115 outlets have to be protected by GFI's in detached garage? I have 12 duplex outlets wired to 3 seperate breakers on surfaced mount pvc system. Thanks

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    Default Re: GFI's In Detached Garage

    Howdy, depends on what your local electrical building code is. However GFI required where there may be moisture on the floor or tools that might go to ground... I would consider GFI circuit breakers 3 will protect all the outlets. Or cheaper, install one GFI plug in the first receptacle of each branch then all rest on the branch are GFI protected it you wire the GFI itself to allow this. Or make sure your life insurance has a large payout and is up to date.

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    Default Re: GFI's In Detached Garage

    In these parts, any exterior plug (garages and outbuildings apply here ) must be GFI protected. As Timothy said, you only need to replace the first outlet in the circuit and feed all remaining outlets off the GFI to protect the entire system. If you have three circuits of outlets, then three GFIs will cover you. You can go the route of a GFI breaker, but breakers are far more expensive than the outlet version. Both work well.
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