Ethical question
Plumber is called to install replacement hwh. installs the Amtrol model as requested. Tank begins to leak after 28 mo. from the factory weld at the head outlet. I call and inform him.
He inspects the tank leak, says he will call company for warranty and replace. A few wks later I hear that the tank's warranty was not being honored. I check out model on Amtrol site & see that tank has 6 year warranty on some parts, a 10 year on others and the option for much longer warranty through Amtrol. I ask Amtrol to run the serial number and was actually manufactured in '83. He removed the leaking tank, installed a new hwh last week.
Today a bill for $1000 labor. In my mind He never disclosed tank age,and didn't check the warranty status prior to install. i paid him between $3000-$4000 for the first tank and labor,don't feel like i owe him a cent. Over 10yrs worth of various work done for us (paid cash), not looking to crucify, but why should i be paying for his slightly slight of hand. I bet that he didn't charge me the 1983 price in 2009!