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    Question Tiling a ceiling

    Next question... We are creating an arched ceiling over the tub and plan on tiling it with mosaic tiles. Do you think using purple (used to be green board) board would be OK or should we use cement board? ALSO I was hoping I could get away with using a mastic instead of thinset. All input will be greatly appreciated.

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    You need to use an approved backerboard and thinset for wet locations. There are many to choose from and I'm not going to list all the combinations, but drywall and mastic is out of the equation for your proposed project.

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    Default Re: Tiling a ceiling

    The problem is the weight and the wetness, that's why greenboard is not approved. Get your boards of choice at a tile center. Good luck.

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    Cement board. No drywall products in wet areas.

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    Time to mention the John Bridge tile forum, where you'll find all the best answers to tile questions. Google it and it will be the first listing. There's a lot more to a good tile job than meets the eye and almost all of it is where the eye doesn't see when it's done.


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