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    Default Bathroom faucet reach

    Hey everyone -

    Looking for a little help here; we recently purchased a new granite vanity top with an undermount sink. When we (finally) got a new faucet selected I started to install it and realized two things;

    1) the thickness of the countertop doesn't leave much threading exposed on the feed connections; in fact, unless I put the retainer locknut on upside down, there isn't enough threading exposed to connect the water feeds. This seems to be sufficient, but I'm wondering if other people have experienced this, and/or have better solutions?

    2) More importantly, the setback distance of the faucet holes to the sink bowl (3") seems a little ridiculous - it seems that washing your hands would redirect water out of the bowl and onto the counter surface. The faucet we have has a 4.5" reach; this seems to be standard, and we can't find any longer reach sinks locally. I've also tried searching the internet, but this information isn't typically included in the product description, or is very difficult to search for. I'm wondering if anyone has come across this problem with this type of setup, and might have some input that could help us out?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: Bathroom faucet reach

    Try plumbing supply shops, they might have, or can order a faucet that will work for your situation.

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